Saturday, May 09, 2009

Summer is busy season at Booklab

I'm laughing at having received yet a third e-mail from faculty members who say "Now that things are slowing down you should have time to look at this," as they attach 30 or so pages of text. When everything slows down around the university, Booklab speeds up, simply because all the faculty use the same blocks of teaching down time to focus on books and articles. Thirty people have contacted me since Thursday, and more will surely come as we finish finals (today) and get through graduation.

"Busy season" is May-August and December, with slight spikes at Fall Break, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break. The quietest two months around here are September and January.

By the way, the response to summer book groups was wonderful, and twenty-six faculty members said they would like to be in groups. I will spend the next week sorting people by the nature of the books being worked on, and also by the publishing experience of the authors in the group (keeping the first-timers in their own group, and letting those with more experience stay together). Some would say that it makes sense to put seasoned faculty with beginners, but I find that it just annoys one group while intimidating another. ;-)

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