Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Georgetown Faculty -- Finish writing your scholarly book by August 15

Georgetown's Office of Scholarly and Literary Publications, part of the Office of the Provost, announces new summer manuscript finishing groups. You'll be matched with a maximum of four colleagues from other departments facing similar literary challenges. In weekly meetings you'll enjoy a firm schedule, ambitious goals and deadlines, and the ability to share and discuss scholarly publishing resources and read one another's work. Organizational principles are based on the Franklin/Covey FOCUS program, the research of psychologist Paul Silvia, and Booklab's hands-on experience for the past three years with how and why faculty finish scholarly books in successful and even award-winning ways.

This tested process works for any book -- even older, abandoned projects. Every accepted participant will end the summer with a complete manuscript.

Please contact the Director, Dr. Carole Sargent, for more information and an application. The first groups will begin the week of May 18.

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