Monday, January 05, 2009

Scary headlines

Friends and family have been sending me sure-to-terrify articles from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times to point out (in case I hadn't noticed) that book publishing is shaky at the moment. Drudge Report screams it: CUTBACKS AT PUBLISHING HOUSES SPELL END OF GLAM JOBS..."

Glam jobs? Right, whatever. Publishing has always paid modestly, except for its titans. In that way it is similar to academia. And yes, it is going through upheaval right now. I thought most houses were mindless and monstrous for scheduling their bloodbaths right before Christmas, forcing their staffs to compete for the same jobs during a financial crisis (way to stick together, teams), but that has nothing to do with the fact that "glam" hasn't described typical book publishing for a long, long time.

Tweedy? Yes. Goofy? Often. But glam?

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