Sunday, October 08, 2006

Writing about cinema

Washington is unmatched anywhere in the world for the variety, quality and quantity of free film programs available. William Wegman and Terry Gilliam are just two recent visual artists who have made experimental films as well, and who came to Washington to present and discuss their work, Wegman at the Reynolds Center/National Portrait Gallery, and Gilliam at the Hirshhorn. From time to time I'll announce a film program (especially in conjunction with an upcoming filmmaker's visit), and invite members of the Georgetown community to join me on a field trip. We usually travel by bus, and afterward we go to a cafe or bar to discuss the work and plan written pieces based on images from film.

The first offering is an evening with Danish artist Jesper Just, whose works No Man is an Island II (2004), and Something to Love (2005) are playing daily in the Hirshhorn's Black Box. Your assignment if you choose to accept it is to see both films sometime between now and November 8. Then I'll take a group (five people max, RSVP by e-mail) to see him live at 7 p.m. on the 8th. He'll discuss both, and then afterward we will go to nearby Cafe Atlantico for a drink and discussion about how we can write in response to his work.

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