Friday, August 28, 2009

The new Folger poetry schedule is available

Sometimes poets come to Booklab, asking me about the market for their poetry. Believe it or not there is one, although I don't call it a market per se.

Naysayers who insist poets "can't earn a living" are -- to put it gently -- wildly mistaken, and just a few evenings with some of the world's successful poets will lay that misconception to rest. There are a number of distinguished literary worlds wherein poetry is read, published, and valued, and (yes) where poets are paid.

One of these worlds is exemplified by the reading series available at the Library of Congress, and another one across the street at the Folger Shakespeare Library. Hmmm... I've often wondered if they compete. Whatever the case, each of these institutions works hard to bring in prominent poets for events that are usually low cost or free and just terrific. If you live in Georgetown, there is even a direct bus from Wisconsin Avenue to the Hill! Here is the reading list for the Folger. If you want to sign up to attend, the link is here.

10/9 O.B. Hardison, Jr. Poetry Prize Reading: Juliana Spahr
11/3 Arthur Sze and Afaa Michael Weaver
12/14 Emily Dickinson Birthday Tribute: Lucie Brock-Broido
1/11 Kim Addonizio & Kyle Dargan
2/8 Charles Wright
3/1 Patricia Smith & John Burnside
5/3 W.S. Merwin
5/18 Folger Poetry Board Reading: Richard Wilbur

The above image is from the Folger's own archives.

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