Friday, June 26, 2009

Scholars on crime

Crime is always an interesting topic. Crime in the summertime is nearly irresistible. Amid the fleet of scholarly books underway right now, crime studies are the pirate vessels...

Dr. William F. McDonald has a new book, Immigration, Crime and Justice, part of Emerald Book's Sociology of Law and Deviance series. Whoo-hoo! Here's a description: "Driving the white-hot arguments over immigration are myths, fears and political correctness. As the US Congress prepares to take another shot at comprehensive immigration reform, you will want to know the many unexpected and vexing facts about this complex topic. William F. McDonald’s Immigration, Crime and Justice tells the whole story: immigration reduces crime; immigrants are victimized in numerous ways; local police disagree as to what role they should play; laws and policies intended to better manage the immigration phenomenon have unintended negative consequences; open borders policy is seen as the answer by some.

The only readers for whom this book is not relevant are those who have no ancestors who were immigrants in the past."

Given that all of my ancestors on one side came from the Italian town of Calabritto, in the hills near Naples, I can relate.

Image from Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, upcoming in July.

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