Monday, May 25, 2009

Booklab seeks experts

One of the wonderful benefits of operating from a university campus is having an entire faculty of experts to help this office guide authors to book publication. When authors from outside Georgetown hires us, they aren't just hiring me and my staff. They also get a consultation with an internationally recognized expert in their subject area. This usually means that the expert reads either the manuscript or the materials that exist in lieu of one (such as a proposal, sample chapters, or notes), considering the professional opportunities and possible publishing trajectory for such an author (articles first? more studies? time to pitch this as a book?), and meeting with the author for one hour to discuss all of this. A follow-up editorial letter memorializes your work together and helps the author think about next steps.

If you are a faculty member who would like to guide authors in your area of expertise, please contact Carole to discuss what's involved.

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