Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Revenge of Bonnie Morris

I get a major kick out of Georgetown Women's Studies lecturer Bonnie Morris, who appeared like a comet in my office when Booklab was just getting rolling. I went to see her amazing one-woman show "The Revenge of the Women's Studies Professor" when she performed in DC a couple of years back, and now I'm happy to note that it's a new (last month!) book from Indiana University Press. "Dr. Bon" is an oldskool feminist with two books that were finalists for the Lambda literary award, and a seat on the board of Mothertongue, a DC-based spoken-word theatre space for women. She has more energy than a sugar-fed fifth-grader, and if you thought sexism was a thing of the past, her books will get you thinking twice.

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Sandra said...

I heard Bonnie read at mothertongue some time back and was just blown away by how smart and funny her voice is...she was reading from a memoir-style essay about growing up with very progressive, activist parents, so I'll be intrigued to see if it found its way into this book.

It's an important topic, too. I think too many folks just assume that the age of sexism is past in academia or in the workplace. It's not. There's been huge progress, sure, but there's also some shocking everyday reminders of how ingrained people's attitudes can be.

Thanks so much for the heads up that this has come out!