Saturday, December 27, 2008

TV quotes over the holidays

As I (sometimes perhaps annoyingly) point out when people ask if I saw such- and- such show, I have not owned a television since 1988. But my family has several, and when I visit a TV is usually on somewhere. While walking from one room to the other I heard a character say "I've gotta write a book!" To which another responded, "You should read one first."

It was dry and funny enough to look up, and it turns out to be a somewhat well-known quote from Navy NCIS, a series that has apparently been on the air forever but I had no idea. Jethro Gibbs exchanges the lines with Tony DiNozzo after DiNozzo is let into an exclusive nightclub simply because he is recognized as a famous author.

Okay, so that's the literary part. I watched a few episodes over several days and concluded that NCIS writers have probably never been to Washington, DC, not even on school field trips. They get fact after fact wrong . . . it may feel like DC to outsiders, but to this insider the regional references feel clunky and off. The funniest blooper to me was the ambitious Georgetown University student who had a revealing MySpace page.

Um. Not likely. On so many levels I don't even know where to start.

But the book quote was still funny.

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newsjunkie said...

My personal favorite DC goofs on NCIS this season were: 1) When they showed an allegedly present day shot of the National Mall and the ground wasn't even broken for the WWII Memorial, which as you know has now been open for 4 1/2 years (Capitol Offense); and 2) When they showed Tony & Ziva parked (with several other cars parked nearby) with a straight-on, clear shot of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Silent Night). Yeah, as a National Park Service Volunteer I'm more sensitive to the accuracy of the National Mall than the average viewer, and I love the show, but it does bother me that they can't get the frickin' National Mall right!