Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogger bait

I think I've been baited. This month's issue of Poets and Writers seems almost deliberately controversial... some editor out there is hoping against hope that they've peeved off enough bloggers to get some free digital ink. Okay, here's some. First the headling on page 14, "Google Gets Generous, Settles Suit," referring to the Authors Guild's heroic suit against Google. It GETS GENEROUS? Is this a joke or something? Google tried to appropriate authors' works for free, claiming a laughable definition of "fair use," and the noble Guild fought and won. It was an amazing effort carried out over years of court battles, and Google et al (while I do appreciate their interest in digitizing books) acted like a pack of low-down, scurvy dog pirates. They deserved to lose, and the $125 million payout was barely enough, not an act of "genersity."

More energy in the next blog post.

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