Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good writing found accidentally

I found a charming, witty, well-written article in today's New York Times, and I was so surprised that I almost wrote a fan letter to the author. Published wit seldom seems warm anymore -- it is all too often accompanied by a side order of snark, and a kind of deep-in-the-bones cynicism that can border on outright bitterness. So imagine my surprise at finding a straight-faced appreciation of Grand Central Station in the Times, written by Seth Kugel, a gifted writer with a name so perfect that it seems like a pseudonym. I was engaged enough to visit his website, where I learned that he will soon leave to be a full-time correspondent in Brazil.

He says he has co-authored a travel guide, but surely that's just throat-clearing. When will his first single-authored book appear? We need another Thurber, a colleague for Trillin, hell, we could use a new Bombeck while we're at it!

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