Thursday, June 05, 2008

Book publishing grants, part one

Wow. There are a lot of book publishing grants available out there! Some are highly specific (books about Singapore written in Japanese), but others are looser. For example, Brigham Young University has a grant that will enable university press publishers to lower the cover price of books about the Mountain West. The Association for Asian Studies offers a subvention grant for first-time book authors who are hit with a big subvention from a university press. While you are in the planning stages of your book, be sure to stop by the OSLP to learn tips and tricks for searching these grants. Many people do not apply for the smaller ones (less than $10,000), which increases your chances of landing one. When I asked one of our librarians about the availability of these grants, she said they're everywhere. When I asked how many of our faculty apply for them each year, she said "Hardly anyone does."

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