Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Writing and re-writing in 2008

Writers and New Year's Resolutions go together like cats and cream, and many of the Booklab authors are making lists. But how do you go from constructing a list to actually doing some of the activities on it? How can you make it out of January and into the rest of the year with your resolutions intact? Many authors have excellent suggestions for making your goals reality (see Brian Tracy's Goals! and Jack Canfield's The Success Principles for great ideas), so I won't repeat their wonderful advice here. But I will suggest that in addition to putting actual dates on your goals, and on learning to voice your wishes as though they were reality, there is nothing quite like a creativity partner to help you on your way. When we team up with others who share similar goals, we create a powerful aura of both accountability and healthy competition. I'm whiff-sensitive to the other kind of competition (one-upsmanship disguised as collegial behavior), but there is a healthy kind that involves reaching farther out of respect for the individual or group you've recruited to help you along. This is also one of the finest cures for writer's block I know... it is part of why in-person classes work better than online ones. We often work harder when we know someone's watching.

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