Friday, September 15, 2006

Professors, staff and students wanted to learn about literary submissions in a cozy, quirky setting.

Submitting work well is one of the most challenging aspects of publishing. More than just "sending stuff off," it is the fine art of matching specific literary work to the tastes and standards of various publishers and/or agents. Learning to craft query letters, model submissions after successful predecessors, and add that extra creative something that makes submissions stand out in a big pile is a lifelong process even for well-published authors.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about this is welcomed to spend some time -- from as little as one or two hours per month to as often as you wish -- working with Carole to submit literary work. This will involve writing query letters, creating selective agent and editor lists, indexing them intelligently according to past work published and stated interests, making contact with them by e-mail and occasional snail mail, and crafting strategies for the next step.

Please contact Carole with your personal interests in these processes, and your expected availability. All are welcome: professors, students, staff... this has the potential to be a community effort of monumental importance.

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